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   Our Maine Coon cats are angels from heaven above, with sandpaper kisses and hearts full of love                                      
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 "It's hard to be humble, with a Poly Maine Coon" 

We aim to breed strong and healthy Maine Coon’s with a kind and lovely personality.
In order to avoid too much inbreeding we are using new foundation and outcrossed lines in our cattery
We also have a deep devotion for the
Polydactyl Maine Coon and will be sure to carry on this special trait,
that always has been part of the Maine Coon cat.
We do test our breeding cats for HD and HCM (by x-ray and ultrasound)
and we only work with HCM, SMA and PKD DNA negative tested cats.
We are a closed cattery and all our cats are FIV/FELV negative.
WackyMoon is a registered Maine Coon cattery in good standing in ACA, CFF and TICA.

Oh and those who say's you can't buy happiness, obviously never had a WackyMoon kitten :)


  Last update May 14. 2014
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