News / Nyheder

April 26.2014 :
Our kittens for 2014 has now found a new home and we don't have further plans untill the end of 2014.
We decided to have Gandolf neutered, but will keep a boy from his last litter in our breedingprogram.
We also plan to neuter River Song, since she's the mother of our "new" up'n coming male.
This has not been an easy decision to make, since she did give us so lovely kittens, in her one and only litter,
but we'll instead have lovely grandkids from her in the future  :)

Vores killinger fra 2014 har nu alle fundet deres nye hjem og vi har ikke andre planer før slutningen af 2014.
Vi besluttede at få Gandolf neutraliseret, men vil beholde en af hans sønner i vores avlsprogram.
Vi planlægger også at neutralisere River Song, da hun er mor til vores kommende avlshan.
Det har ikke været en nem beslutning, da hun har givet os helt vidunderlige killinger i sit første og eneste kuld,
men vi vil i stedet få dejlige børnebørn til hende i fremtiden :)
Vi vil sandsynligvis lede efter et nyt hjem til både Gandolf og River Song ( gerne sammen, men intet krav) hvor
de kan nyde resten af deres forhåbentligt lange liv :)

March 27.2014 :
Wackymoon River Song PP was today scanned free from HCM and had x-rays done for HD testing.
The results are as always
sent to
pawpeds. HD photos will be evauated by Lars Audell, but they looked good :)

Wackymoon River Song PP er i dag scannet fri for HCM og har fået taget røntgenbilleder til HD test.
Resultatet er som altid sendt til pawpeds. HD billederne vil blive evalueret af Lars Audel, men de så umiddelbart fine ud :)

March 17.2014 :
All our breedingcats received result of our latest DNA tests today :
Kumskaka Gandolf the White P, Wackymoon Honey Pie, Wackymoon River Song PP
and Wackymoon Fatomah all tested homozygote negative from PK-Defiency..happy happy :)
This is not a test we have focused on earlier, as it wasn't associated with the Maine Coon breed,
but recent discoveries showed that it actually is present, in some Maine Coon lines !!
So I guess we thought "better safe than sorry" ;)

Alle vores nuværende avlskatte modtag resultat af vores seneste DNA tests i dag :
Kumskaka Gandolf the White P, Wackymoon Honey Pie, Wackymoon River Song PP
og Wackymoon Fatomah, testede alle negative for PK-Defiency......jubiii :)

February 22.2014 :
Almost all Fantomah and Gandolfs kittens are sold or spoken for, but we do have one solid white blue eyed female,
available for approved breeder or as pet and one solid black girl, already neutered and ready for a lovely pet home :)
In River Songs litter, we have one black mck tabby poly female left.
She will be ready to go in the middle of March :)
Næsten alle Fantomah og Gandolfs killinger er solgt eller reserveret, men vi har stadig en hvid blå øjet pige og en helt sort pige tilbage :)
I River Songs kuld er der en sort Mck tabby poly pige tilbage, som vil være klar til at flytte hjemmefra midt i Marts :) 

January 21. 2014

Kittenpage updated with new photos of our current 2 litters.
We were "blessed" with an awfull lot of kittens and it's really a tough call, to get good photos of 14 busy kittens ;)
There are still some very cute kittens available :)

I quite forgot to mention earlier,  Gandolf had his 4th GOOD HCM echo done on the 5th of December 2013 :))))
He will be 6 years old this April and we are very happy, about all the good Testresults he has had :)

Killingesiden er opdateret med nye billeder afvores to nuværende kuld.
Vi var så "heldige
" at få to store kuld og det er ikke nemt, at få gode billeder af 14 travle killinger ;)
Der er stadig super dejlige killinger ledige :)
Jeg har i øvrigt helt glemt at nævne, Gandolf havde sin fjerde GODE HCM scanning d 5 december 2013 :)))
Han bliver 6 år til April og vi er så glade for alle de gode testresultater :)

December 21.2013 :

River Song has given birth to a lovely bunch of babies.
Many are already spoken for, but more info when we update with photos of the little ones :)
Paige is retired and our "new" girl has been added to the female page ;)
We still have one kittens looking for a new home from Paige...pet only.

River Song har født et kuld dejlige killinger.
Mange af dem er allerede reserveret, men der kommer mere info, når vi opdaterer med billeder :)
Paige er pensioneret og vores "nye" pige er kommet på hjemmesiden ;)
Vi har stadig en dejlig dreng tilbage efter Paige, som søger nyt hjem...kun til kæl.

November 29. 2013 :
The first long waited kittens from Gandolf are born.
We have 7 huge lovely kittens, 4 girls and 3 boys..
Girls : 2 white, 2 solid black. Boys : 2 solid black and one solid blue :)
Birthweight from 128 gram to 172 gram :)
E-mail for more info...we will put them on HP soon :)

De første længe ventede killinger fra Gandolf er født.
Vi har 7 STORE killinger, 4 piger og 3 drenge..
Piger : 2 hvide, 2 sorte. Drenge : 2 sorte og en blå :)
Fødselsvægt fra 128 gram til 172 gram :)
E-mail for mere info..de vil snart komme på hjemmesiden :)

August 11.2013:
 Kittens from Fantomah and Flynn are now on the kitten page.
They are such an awesome bunch of kittens and we are totally in love with them all :)
We have not yet decide whom to keep , but hope to make up our mind soon ;)
Please don't hesitate to contact us, if any of these adorable fluffy balls, makes your Heart sing :)
This will be last chance to get yourself a Flynn baby, since he is now a happy neuter.
Flynn has been a gem, a picture of health, very easy to keep as an intact male,
he never sprayed or behaved "badly", but we figured he has done his contribution to the breed :)
He made a total of 5 litters, whereas some went around the world, to other catteries, others went to lovely pet homes :)

Our up'n coming kittens will be from Gandolf, our white giant, so look out for future kittens :)
They're bound to be lovely as well :o)

May 22 2013 :
Fantomah was today scanned free of HCM. She also tested negative for FIV/FELV.
Hips were x-rayed and looks good.
Results are as always send to Pawpeds, the Maine Coon database :)
Then our new Dutch princess has arrived and she settled in, within the twinkle of the eye.
Paige will soon be added to the homepage... Thank you Annelies for this, in so many ways,  special girl :)

April 2013 :
Finally an "overall" updating of the homepage
Our current fdn kittens are all spoken for and we don't have any  upcoming litters.
So people
waiting for a wackymoon kitten to enrich their life's, will have to be a little patient ;-)
We do take enquiries for future kittens... take a look
at our plans and let us know, if you want to be on our waiting list :0)

Endelig en generel opdatering af hjemmesiden
Alle vores nuværende killinger er afsat og vi har ikke nogen nye kuld på vej
Så dem der ønsker at berige deres tilværelse
med en wackymoon killing, bliver nødt til at væbne sig med tålmodighed ;-)
Vi modtager gerne ønsker om fremtidige
killinger.. kig på vores planer og lad os vide, hvis du vil på vores venteliste :0)

 November 2012 :
We are currently replacing some of our breeding cats, since we due to personal reasons, are moving from the countryside to the BIG town ;)
We're not going to give up breeding, just minimizing it a bit ;)
Thankfully we found good breeders to continue the valuable breeding lines, we had to give up :)
For those of you who has been asking about future kittens, mail us and we will give you the needed info :)
Homepage will be updated, as soon as we are settled in our new home in town..:)

Oktober 12. 2012 :
kitten page updated with youngsters for sale..
E-mail us for more info, about each cat :)

September 28. 2012 
Kitten page are updated.. this litter will be the last for now.
We don't expect more kittens until end of November :)

September 8. 2012 
All our recent DNA test came back clear of mutation for SMA, PKD and HCM :)
New Hymns of Wackymoon : SMA, HCM and PKD1 (clear)
Genesis of Wackymoon : SMA, HCM and PKD1 (clear)
Redemption of Wackymoon : SMA, HCM and PKD1 (clear)
Breezing up of Wackymoon : SMA, HCM and PKD1 (clear)
Behold The Purpose PP of Wackymoon : SMA, HCM (clear)
Behold The Prayer Time of Wackymoon : SMA and HCM (clear)
Wackymoon Coon SnowGoose : SMA and HCM (clear)
We're still waiting for PKD status on SnowGoose and Behold The Purpose, but expect them to arrive early next week :)
NB : Behold the Purpose and SnowGoose also came back N/N on all DNA tests :)

September 5. 2012 
Monday the 3rd of September we made yet a trip to the Veterinary university hospital in Copenhagen,
to have some of our breedingcats scanned by Jørgen Koch.
We are pleased to announce all 5 cats passed the scanning with flying colors 
( and we are also quite pleased, we don't have to make more HCM trips this year ;)
Wackymoon Coon SnowGoose
Lykken Anne Knutsdottar PP
Genesis of Wackymoon
Redemption of Wackymoon
Breezing Up of Wackymoon

DNA PKD test also arrived this morning from the lab :
Genesis of Wackymoon (clear)
Redemption of Wackymoon (clear)
Breezing Up of Wackymoon (clear)
New Hymns of Wackymoon (clear)
Other DNA test, will be announced, once we receive them :)


Juli 26. 2012 
kittenpage updated.. sorry only in english yet
Killingesiden er opdateret.. kun på engelsk endnu, men vi arbejder på sagen ;)

Juli 2. 2012 
Once again we went to Copenhagen and had a few of our cats scanned for HCM.
This time we only had females with us :
Behold the Prayer Time of Wackymoon (Avi) : Healthy heart at almost 14 month
New Hymns of Wackymoon : Healthy heart at 1 year old
Wackymoon Butterfly Fly Away : Healthy heart at + 2 years old ( her second scan )
Results are sent to Pawpeds as usual

April 24. 2012 :
Yesterday we visited our cardiolog Jørgen Koch at LIFE in Copenhagen with 4 of our breeding cats.
We are very happy all 4 had normal healthy hearts :
Kumskaka Gandolf The White P : Healthy heart at 4 years of age.. this was Gandolf's third good scan :)
Daddy Longtail Dirty Harry : Healthy heart at 16 month of age
Behold The Purpose PP of Wackymoon : Healthy heart at 14 month of age
Lykken Wonder Of Life of Wackymoon  : Healthy heart at 15 month of age :)

I går besøgte vi vores cardiolog Jørgen Koch på LIFE i København, med 4 af vores avls katte
Vi er lykkelige for, alle 4 havde gode sunde hjerter :
Kumskaka Gandolf The White P : sundt hjerte 4 år gammel.. dette var Gandolf's tredje scanning
Daddy Longtail Dirty Harry : sundt hjerte 16 månder gammel
Behold The Purpose PP of Wackymoon : Sundt hjerte 14 månder gammel
Lykken Wonder of LIfe of Wackymoon : Sundt hjerte 15 måneder gammel :)

April 15 2012 :
 Kittenpage are updated
Killingesiden er opdateret

March 24 2012:
Our kittens are now ready to move to their new homes.
Even though they will be dearly missed, we know they will be loved in their new homes :)
Spring kittens are arriving now, so look out for any updates ;)
Vores killinger er nu klar til at flytte hjemmefra.
Selvom de vil blive savnet, ved vi de vil blive elsket højt af deres nye familier :)
Forårs killinger er så småt begyndt at "ankomme", så hold øje med opdateringer på hjemmesiden ;)


January 21. 2012 :
Kittenpages are updated with new photos :)
Killingesiderne er updateret med nye billeder :

December 17. 2011 :
Christmass kittens have arrived...
We have solid blue, solid black and black tabby ... e-mail for more details
Jule killinger er født :)
Vi har solid blå, solid sort og sort tabby.... e-mail for mere information

November 15. 2011:
Our new US imports arrived last week and are setteling in so nicely :)
They will soon be on homepage...
Vores nye katte fra USA, ankom sidste uge og er allerede faldet godt til :)
De vil snart komme på hjemmesiden ....

November 3. 2011:
All kittens are now spoken for. New plans will soon be updated, so watch our planpage ;)
Alle killinger har nu fundet deres fremtidige hjem. Nye planer vil snart blive offentliggjort, så hold øje med siden ;)

october 12. 2011 :
Our kittens are now ready to "fly"... wow this house will feels empty, once they are all gone ..
We still have one "ugly duckling" and a gorgeous white poly male looking for a new home ;)
Vores killinger er nu flyveklar ... Puha sikke tomt vores hjem bliver ...
Vi har stadig en "grim ælling" og en smuk hvid poly han, som søger nyt hjem ;)

August 23. 2011:
Today Lykken Anne Knutsdotter PP of Wackymoon was scanned negativ for HCM on ultrsound :-)
Results are as always send to Pawpeds and will be available there in a while.

I dag er Lykken Anne Knutsdotter PP of wackymoon blevet scannet fri for HCM ved ultralyd :-)
Resultatet er som altid sendt til Pawpeds og vil være tilgængeligt der, om noget tid.

August 20. 2011
Kittenpages has been updated :-)
Killingesiderne er opdateret med ny billeder :-)

August 11.  2011 :
Homepage updated with new photos of all the kittens

Hjemmesiden er opdateret med ny billeder af alle killingerne

July 28. 2011:
Nidalee and Anne's kittens are now on the homepage
Go have a look on the kitten page, where a link is placed to each litter

Nidalee og Anne's killinger er nu på hjemmesiden
Se dem på killinge siden, hvor der er link til hvert kuld

July 15. 2011:
Very cute kittens are born on the 14th of July :-)
Colours are red tabby, black, black tabby and blue, some with silver, ALL with white ;-)
There are also both poly and non poly kittens... more info and photos will be on the kittenpage very soon :-)

Kære små killinger er født den 14 Juli :-)
Farverne er rød tabby, sort, sort tabby og blå, nogle med sølv, ALLE med hvidt ;-)
Der er både poly og ikke poly killinger... mere information og billeder, vil komme på killingesiden snart :-)

June 1. 2011:
Following cats were today tested free for Patella Luxation :
Kumskaka gandolf The White P of wackymoon
Lykken Haakon Den Gode p of Wackymoon
Lykken Anne Knutsdotter PP of wackymoon
Lykken Wonder of Life of Wackymoon
Wackymoon Ice Crystal
Wackymoon Nidalee P
Wackymoon Butterfly Fly away :-)

May 18. 2011 :
Monday the 16th, we went to "our" cardiologist Professor Jørgen Koch, at LIFE in Copenhagen
and had 4 of our cats scanned for HCM. We are happy to say that all went through, with flying colours :-)
Results are, as always, send to Pawpeds and will be published there...
The homepage is now updated with new breedingcats, go have a look -:)

Mandag d 16 tog vi til "vores" cardiolog, Professor Jørgn Koch på LIFE i København og fik 4 af vores katte scannet for HCM.
Heldigvis gik alle 4 igennem uden tegn på HCM :-)
Resultaterne er, som altid, sendt til Pawpeds og vil blive tilgængelige der...
Hjemmesiden er opdateret med nye avlskatte, både han og hunkatte :-)


May 5. 2011 :
Our new male from Holland has arrived :-)
He is a very lovely and quite handsome guy, with an outstanding sweet temper.
THANK you so much Liesbeth and Annelies, for letting Harry live with us and
THANK you SO much Liesbeth, for flying Harry to Copenhagen Airport..
You're one in a million :-))))

Vores ny hankat fra Holland er ankommet :-)
Han er en rigtig skøn og smuk dreng, med et fantastisk sødt sind.
Tusind TAK til Liesbeth og Annelies, for at lade Harry flytte ind hos os og
tusind TAK til Liesbeth, for at flyve med Harry til Københavns lufthavn :-))))

March 13. 2011 :
We have had some of our females for HD examinations.
Results are sent to Pawpeds healthprogram, for evaluation :o)

Vi har haft nogle af vores hunkatte til røntgen undersøgelse for HD
Billederne er sendt til Pawpeds helbredsprogram, for evaluering :o)

January 29 2011 :
Our "new" male from USA has arrived and we are thrilled to have him :o)
What a handsome fellow he is and we are over the moon to have him here.
Thank you so much Phyllis, for yet a wonderful acces to our breeding program.
More info about this white gentle giant will follow soon.

Vores "nye" avlshan fra USA er ankommet og vi er mere end glade for ham.
Tusind tak Phyllis, for endnu en dejlig kat til vores avlsprogram :o)
Mere info om denne hvide, blide kæmpe kommer snart.

November 18. 2010 :

Taboo and SnowMoon's tiny "snowballs", are now on the homepage :o)
Go have a look at the kittenpage :o) 

Taboo og SnowMoon' s små  "snebolde", er nu på hjemmesiden :o)
Se dem på killingesiden :o)

November 11. 2010 :

Taboo had her kittens on the 9th of november.
A very lovely bunch of white fluffy little clouds :o)
Pictures and more info, will be available on kittenpage sooooon ;o)

Taboo fik sine killinger den 9 november
En dejlig "bunke" små hvide skyer :o)
Billeder og mere information, vil komme på killingsiden meget snart ;o)

November 5. 2010 :

SnowMoon has been neutered and is looking for a forever loving home.
We only planned a few litters, for this handsome guy and wanted to retire and re-home him
while he is still young. He has not been accepted well, by some of our older neutered males.
So we belive, it will be better for him, to live in a smaller cat family.

SnowMoon er nu kastreret og leder efter et "for resten af livet" kærligt hjem.
Vi havde kun planer, om ganske få kuld med ham og syntes,det var bedre, at finde et nyt hjem til ham,
mens han stadig er ung. Han bliver domineret  af nogle, af vores ældre kastrater, så vi
mener et hjem med færre katte, vil passe ham bedre.

October 22. 2010 :
Today is a sad day. We have lost the most precious cat in the world.
No words can ever tell how much we loved our Violet.
May you rest in peace honey

October 15. 2010 :
Kittens are expected, from Taboo and SnowMoon.
More info about this combination, can be found on our plan page :o)

Killinger ventes, efter Taboo og SnowMoon
Se vores side omkring planer , for mere information :o)

August 25. 2010 :
Today Snowball and Odo, went to live with Sussi and Claus in Copenhagen.
Though it was a hard decision to re-home them,
we are sure they will be happy and very spoiled in their new home :o)

Snowball og Odo er i dag flyttet til deres nye hjem, hos Sussi og Claus
Selvom det har været en svær beslutning at omplacere dem,
er vi sikre på de vil blive glade i deres nye hjem, hvor de vil blive rigtig forkælet :-)

August 9. 2010 :

Severel pages are updated
Flere sider er opdateret

August 5. 2010 :

Female page updated with up'n coming stars ;)
Hunkattesiden opdateret med nye "stjerner"

August 4. 2010 :

Picture Perfects kittens updated with new pictures :)
Oh and it seems like Climb is still looking for a new home :(
Go see him
here, pet only

Nye billeder af Pictures tilbageværende killinger.
Åh og så ser det ud til, at Climb alligevel ikke har fundet nyt hjem !!!
Se den skønne fyr her

August 1. 2010 :
Plans updated

July 6. 2010
Kittenpage updated with new photo's of the older kittens for sale.
Killinge siden er opdateret med billeder af de lidt ældre killinger som søger nyt hjem
kig på linket til Miley og Lilly's killinger :)

Shubunkin's Odo is back in da house after living with Bonnie for more than 5 years.
You can meet Odo on our neuter page:
He was scanned free of HCM at LIFE in Copenhagen the 15th of June 2010
Odo vores tidligere avlshan, er tilbage, efter at have boet hos Bonnie i mere end 5 år:
Han blev scannet fri for HCM på LIFE i Kbh, d 15 juni.
Se Odo på vores kastrat side


May 17. 2010 :
Tabby's babies are still doing fine and are growing like wheat :)
Picture Perfect had her kittens yesterday.
More info and pictures will follow very soooooon ;)

May 12. 2010 :
Kittenpage update with new pictures and new kittens :)

May 7. 2010: 

Today our very beloved Jasmin was put to sleep :(
We are very sad and miss her already, but we had to consider, what was best for her and not us.
Jasmin was very tired and she had suffered so long, with a  persistent infection
                              Rest in peace sweetheart, we will never forget you.

                                                                         April 18. 2010

                                                                                    Kittenpage is updated with new pictures of Miley's babies
                                                                                                        They are growing so fast and get cuter and cuter every day :)

                                                                         April 5.2010 :
New pictures of our spring kittens online :)
                                                                                                       You can find them here :

                                                                        March 27. 2010  :
                                                                            Kittenpage updated with new pictures of Mileys kittens 9 days old :)
                                                                                                 Go to kittenpage or see the kittens here :

 March 18. 2010  :
Spring kittens are here. They will soon be on the kittenpage, so don't forget to come back ;)

Forårs killinger er født. De vil snart komme på killinge siden, så glem ikke at komme igen ;)


March 17. 2010 :
Pictures of offspring added on the "offspring" page :)

March 13. 2010 :
We have decided to rehome some of our adult cats.
We will put them on a "for sale" page of their own soon.
It is crucial for us to know they will come to the right home, as parting from them, will be very painful :(

November 28. 2009:

Taboo and Zantana's babies are now on the homepage.
Take a look at our kittenpage :
Available kittens
Ledige killinger

Read more about the rationale on our linkpage

October 24. 2009 :
Linkpage has been updated

October 9. 2009 :
The kittenpage, has been updated with photos of our kittens.
Please welcome the Avril Lavigne litter.
They are really cute, so we want to keep them all
(Which, off course, we won't ;0)

September 19th 2009 :

Our female Kumskaka Crystal Blu' of Wackymoon "Violet" is 10 years old today.
Happy birtday to a lovely lady

August 18. 2009 :
Still a lot to do, before this new homepage is done
  Older news :


The kittenpage has been updated.
Take a look,at our new kittens :0)



We have moved to our "new" house far away from where we used to live
and love it here :0)
We have been without Internet and Telephone coonection since late October,
but everything should be up and running again.
We aplogize for any inconvenience it may have caused .


We have been visiting Jørgen Koch at KVL in Copenhagen for HCM scannings.
Following cats passed the echo with good results :
Wackymoon Coon's Jazzy Belle
Wackymoon Coon's Rumour has it
Wackymoon Coon's Walking Tall P
Praylyne Faith Walk of Wackymoon Coon
Unfortunately Dizzy Mizz Lizzy did not pass with flying colours
and has therefore been neutered.
All results has as usual been sent to Pawpeds
We are waiting for DNA results from Dizzy, Jazzy Belle and Walking Tall P.


We finally managed to update the homepage.
New kitten pictures are online, we hope you will enjoy them :)

New DNA results for the MyBPC mutation :
Casting all Care of Wackymoon Coon : n/p
Many Mansion of Wackymoon Coon : n/n
Night Light P of Wackymoon Coon: n/n
Wackymoon Coon's Woodstock: n/n
Wackymoon's PP Oh When n/p
Tornemark's Jasmin: n/p
Thorkjær's Proud Mary n/n



We have been visting our cardiologist Jørgen Koch at KVL in
Copenhagen for HCM scannings and DNA test's.
Following cats has been with us this time and all passed the echo
scannings with good results :
Casting All Care of Wackymoon Coon
Many Mansion of Wackymoon Coon
Night Light P of Wackymoon Coon
Wackymoon Coon's Woodstock
Wackymoon Coon's PP Oh When
Tornemark's Jasmin
Thorkjær's Proud Mary


Twice this week we went to Copenhagen Airport to pick up new cats.
We are so thrilled with what we brought home :)
First a HUGE Thank you to Phyllis Tobias for sending us two lovely girls.
We really can't thank you enough for all your help dear.
These two girls will be a great addition to our Foundation breeding.
They came in to our home and stole our hearts imidiately.
Both Treasure and Faith are wonderful in every way
and much more than we could have wished for :)

Then we would like to Thank Merrie Doerring from MntMaine in Washington
for sending 4 Gorgeous Maine Coons to us, one more lovely than the other.
We couldn't be more happy about these wonderful cats, they walked out of their carriers
in the most wonderful condition and just settled in to our family with no hesitation.
Thank you so much Merrie for having faith in us to take care of Lance who is to die for,
Violet who is so gorgeous and sweet, drop dead beautiful Lexus, with her lovely green eyes and
beautiful Clearwater with a mind of her own ;)
THANK you dear Merrie, We already love them to the moon and back again ;)



Finally a new page with youngstars has been made.
Following cats has been DNA HCM tested for the MyBPC mutation :
Wackymoon Coon's Batman P : n/n
Wackymoon Coon's Little Rock P : n/n
Wackymoon Coon's Ophelia P : n/n
Wackymoon Coon's PP Oh When n/p
Kumskaka Blazing Glory n/n
Kumskaka Be Ready n/n
Blazed Snowball of Canpaza n/n
Supernova's Winky n/n
Kwanita's No LImit n/n


The kitten page has been updated with new photos.
New litters will be added soon.
We have also made some trips to KVL in Copenhagen, for new HCM tests.
The results are send to Pawpeds as usual ;)



We have designed a new homepage and it's almost finished.
Missing parts will be updated during the next few days.
We are working as fast as we can ;-)



We have had a busy time at Wackymoon. Lots of new kittens has been born
(more information of available kittens will follow soon )
Flirt has been neutered, so this will be the last chance of having one of his babies ;-)
Of course we have kept some of his offsprings to carry on his line in our pedigrees.
Also a new youngstar has arrived our cattery. She is the result of a romance with
our Flirt and Felicia from Miss Mia Coon.
Thank you Merete for raising Hera. She's gorgeous :-)
There will be pictures and more information about Wackymoon Coon's Hera very sooooon ;-)


Today we went to Copenhagen airport to pick up our new foundation Maine Coon's.
We are amased to see such good quality in f1 Maine Coons. They are so lovely
and much more than we could wish for :-)
Please welcome Casting all Cares, Night Light P and Many Mansions of Wackymoon Coon :-)
Bless you Phyllis Tobias, you are one in a million.

Note : New kitten picture's on the kitten page



Odo has left our home, together with Princess Leia, to live in the home of a very lovely lady .
Though it has been a difficult decision to say goodbye to Odo, We are so pleased to know that
we found the perfect new home for our former stud, he deserves the best.
We are pretty sure both of them will be rotten spoiled by Bonnie ;-)
Thank you so much Bonnie for the engagement and love for our kitties :-)
Pictures of ODO



We went to a show in Taastrup today. Snowball our white f4 Canpaza boy got ex 1 and was nominated.
and Glamourpuss the offspring from our f3 male Flirt also got ex 1 and was nominated too. Not bad
results for cats with so high content of new foundation. Frida our lovely girl from Miss Mia Coon also
got ex. 1 . Dizzy and Butterfly two of Odo's offspring got ex2 and ex. 3, so all in all it was a nice day ;-)
Here are some
pictures from the show.



Pictures of Mary and Flirt's kittens are now on the homepage.Take a look at the kittenpage ;-)



The homepage is now updated with new pic's of all kitten's



We have decided to let Blue Bear move to another home, because he had difficulties getting along with our other cats.
It was not an easy decision because he is a lovely boy, but we hope he will be happier living in a smaller cattery.
Thank you Betina for giving our boy a new home. We hope he will make nice kittens for you in the future :-)